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                    Corporate Vision Corporate Vision

                    Corporate Vision

                    Corporate Vision

                    The corporate vision serves as the basic policy in conducting our business activities, and provides guidelines for all group activities.
                    The corporate vision also is the foundation for management decisions, including the formulation of management strategies and management plans, and serves as the core value for all employees.

                    Corporate Vision

                    OUR MISSION

                    To be a foundation of strength, committed to meeting the needs of our customers, serving society, and fostering shared and sustainable growth for a better world.

                    OUR VISION

                    – Be the world's most trusted financial group –
                    1. Work together to exceed the expectations of our customers
                      Strive to understand and respond to the diversified needs of our customers.
                      Maintain and expect the highest levels of professionalism and expertise, supported by our consolidated strength.
                    2. Provide reliable and constant support to our customers
                      Give the highest priority to protecting the interests of our customers.
                      Promote healthy, sustainable economic growth.
                      Maintain a robust organization that is effective, professional, and responsive.
                    3. Expand and strengthen our global presence
                      Leverage our strengths and capabilities to attract a loyal global customer base.
                      Adapt rapidly to changes in the global economy and their impact on the needs of our customers.

                    OUR VALUES

                    1. Integrity and Responsibility
                      Strive to be fair, transparent, and honest. Always act responsibly in the best interest of customers and society as a whole, building long-term stakeholder relationships and giving back to our communities.
                    2. Professionalism and Teamwork
                      Respect the diversity of our fellow workers and foster a strong spirit of teamwork. Expect the highest levels of professionalism.
                    3. Challenge Ourselves to Grow
                      Adopt a global perspective to anticipate trends and opportunities for growth. Create and sustain a responsive and dynamic workplace where everyone can focus on providing outstanding customer service and embrace new challenges.

                    Corporate Identity

                    MUFG global logo

                    The MUFG global logo is the symbol of our combined efforts as a premier financial group to comprehensively and flexibly respond to the financial needs of our customers. It is meant to evoke the breadth, relevance, and quality of the financial services that we generate through the collective efforts of the Group.


                    The MUFG global logo consists of two elements, both of which are critical: the Symbolmark and the MUFG global logotype.

                    MUFG global logo

                    Symbolmark story

                    The Symbolmark for the Group features overlapping circles, which represent the “comprehensive financial services generated from the Group's collective efforts” and “friendly services that customers identify with”.


                    In addition, the centre circle symbolises the synergy of the Group while the outside intersecting circles symbolise the Group's global scale, thereby representing the Group's goal to build a ‘premier comprehensive global financial group’ that provides high-quality services in all regions and in all business sectors”.

                    MUFG global logotype story

                    The clean and straightforward design of the MUFG global logotype expresses stability and conveys a sense of timelessness that is unique to the MUFG brand. The design does not only symbolise the Group's ambition and confidence in what we do, but the look and feel of the MUFG global logotype also reinforces the Group's identity as a trustworthy and reliable financial institution.

                    MUFG corporate colours

                    MUFG Red and MUFG Grey are our official corporate colours, and are the predominant colours in the MUFG system.
                    MUFG corporate colours

                    MUFG colour palette story

                    Though minimal and simple, the MUFG colour palette is a visual celebration of our brand's DNA. It symbolizes who we are as we deliver on our Corporate Vision.


                    Vibrant and energetic, the MUFG Red conveys a sense of dynamism and speaks to the financial group's ambition and drive to be a foundation of strength that fosters sustainable growth in our world. Moreover, MUFG Red and MUFG Grey complement each other to express a sense of strength and confidence. Together, they reinforce how we listen to our clients thoughtfully and place the highest priority on protecting their interests.


                    The MUFG colour palette is more than just aesthetics-it is a representation of who we are and reinforces that identity in every communication.

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